Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Post

Well, this is my very first post and I am going to post a Halloween poem I wrote. Yes, I know, it's a few days late but I'm going to do it anyway. The Bekevar church was built in 1912 and is approximately 8 miles south east of Kipling Saskatchewan. The church is still standing and is used on special occasions. I had first heard about the ghost sightings near the old church thirty years ago when I was in high school. I contribute a bi-weekly column in our local paper and this was my Halloween contribution.

Urban legends are told ‘bout crazy men wearing hooks,
And so many ghost stories are retold in books.
But there was one story that I liked the most,
It’s a very eerie tale of the Bekevar Ghost.

It was a long time ago near the Bekevar church,
For the missing young woman they called out a search.
In a very few days she would have heard the bride’s toast,
But her mysterious death made her the Bekevar Ghost.

They never knew how she died on that cold night,
Now her spirit wanders in search of her knight.
She appears now and then to many that boast,
How they thought they had seen the Bekevar Ghost.

Two men drinking beer down the Bekevar road,
The car crawling along because it had recently snowed.
A glow in the ditch, beside the telephone post,
They were completely unaware of the Bekevar Ghost.

Their attention so focused on the light to the right,
They almost hit the woman, all dressed in white.
Swerving, then stopping, they were totally engrossed,
But they still didn’t know it was the Bekevar Ghost.

She accepted their kind offer and climbed in the back,
Pointing at a farmhouse that looked like a shack.
They turned at the corner and started to coast,
But the snow blocked the access for the Bekevar Ghost.

Her heart is still broken for the one that she loves,
When the men turn to quiz her they find only her gloves.
She’s disappeared again, back to her observation post,
Where she will forever wander as the Bekevar Ghost.


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