Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Here are a couple of cute kid stories and, yes, I'm talkin' about my little Grandson the super-cute, (aren't they all?!), little bugger Treyton Perry Laverdiere. Yesterday he was jumping on the trampoline with his Mom and his little sister, Ava, when he thought that they should take a break from jumping and lay down on the trampoline and watch the sky for a while. He was lying there with his hands behind his head and said, "Aahhh, there's nothing like a nice sunny day, hey?" He's three-and-a-half. And today his Grandma was talking to his Mom on the phone when his Mom says," NO, no...Treyton...I said you couldn't do that! Take the kitty out of the bag!... Because!...thank you, yeah, Mom, he thought it would be a good idea to carry our kitten Lucy around in a grocery bag."
A few weeks ago a whole pile of us were gathering at our daughter Meghan's house for her Ava's 1st birthday and as some folks began to arrive the doorbell rang and Treyton yelled out, "C'mon in. Nobody's home!" And then he put the slyest grin on his face and lowered his eyes as he got a bit shy when everyone laughed! Soooo damn cute! If I say so myself.

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