Sunday, December 22, 2013


“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is zipping by us once again. The big day is fast approaching and it seems like there’s still a lot left to do. For many of us it’s a busy, busy time of the year with concerts and parties and decorating and parties and shopping and parties and baking and…

Speaking of parties, I was listening to a talk radio station on the way to work the other day and the early morning on-air personnel were discussing their recent corporate Christmas party. They were comparing what happened at their corporate party to an on-line list of what you are NOT supposed to do at Ye Olde Office Christmas Party. To me, these things should be your regular common sense kind of things, but, as a wise man once told me, “if common sense were so common everybody would have it”. Good point.

I’m sure there may be more than a couple of you out there who are saying that you could have used this information a couple of weeks ago but please keep it in mind for next year’s events if this year’s embarrassments aren’t enough to keep you from repeating the faux pas from the 2013 version of the Company Christmas Party.

Mind you, if everyone followed the list of things not to do there really wouldn’t be a need for a list of the things not to do and there would also be a lot less to talk about when everyone gets back to work after the party.

            The list includes the standard items like keeping your hands off of your co-workers and it tells you to try not to corner the boss and talk his/her ear off and watch how you gossip about the people you work with but that’s just everyday office etiquette if you ask me.

The list also includes items like “don’t get the police involved” which, to me, once again, seems like a pretty good rule of thumb for everyday life. I am a little curious, though, as to what they mean by “involved” but the list is a little short on particulars.

The list also says “don’t under or over dress”. I’m guessing that “under dress” would likely mean scantily clad or showing off that great amount of chest hair you have, or something, but it could also mean don’t wear your coveralls when the party notice says “business casual” and don’t wear the powder blue velour disco tux either.

And then there’s the warning about “inappropriate dancing” which again may mean twerking, (Google it if you don’t know), or suggestive dancing or maybe they mean plain old bad dancing. If you are unsure what “inappropriate dancing is” just stay seated. Please.

The number one thing on the list is the big, big one and if you didn’t do this one then most of the above wouldn’t be happening anyway and, of course, that would be the over-imbibing of the alcoholic beverages. Be wary the “Open Bar”. Do not treat an open bar like a water fountain for bad things can and will happen during a drunken stupor. I believe we have recently seen evidence of that, haven’t we? Hmmm, I wonder how the Toronto City Hall Christmas Party went?

I hope you had a great non-embarrassing Office Party, if you had one at all, and just be careful if you haven’t had one yet, but in any event, have a safe, wonderful and Merry Christmas. From my family to you and yours.

“What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.”-Phyllis Diller. (1917-2012).

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