Tuesday, March 11, 2014


A year ago, in an effort to shorten the long Saskatchewan winter, Deb and I joined ten of our friends on a “hot holiday” trip to Mexico. The experience was so great that we have decided to do it again this year. But due to scheduling conflicts we missed an earlier chance to go back with many of the same folks that we went with last year so this time around Deb and I are flying solo. And we are stoked.

            We searched and we searched and debated and debated about when and where to go and we finally found a great resort and booked a time to go. Like so many other instances in my past I failed to really look closely at the calendar before making our final decision. The good news is that we are going to Mexico, the bad news, if we can even call it that, is that our arrival time would put us in Mexico merely hours before the Gold Medal Game in Men’s Ice Hockey in this year’s Olympic Games. I know! It’s almost a bummer.

            As I am writing this merely hours before our Canadian Men’s Hockey Team is scheduled to meet the Americans in the semi-finals I may be sounding unCanadianly cocky that we will indeed be in the Gold Medal Game. But I am confident that Canada will be there in the final game and Google has assured me that there is a twenty-four hour sports bar located at the resort that, next to actually being in Sochi, Russia, will be the perfect venue for watching an Olympic Gold Medal hockey game. I’m also confident that we won’t be the only Canadians there to watch the game.
            If history is kind, (our Canadian Men’s team followed up the Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey Team’s Gold Medal performance in Vancouver in 2010 with a Gold of their own), we’ll be watching a repeat of double hockey Gold Medals again this time around. Wouldn’t that be nice.

            The first part of history has already been repeated as our Canadian Women’s Hockey Team has just mounted an incredible come-from-behind victory over the USA in the 2014 Gold Medal Game! The never-say-die Canadian women were down by two goals with about three minutes left to play in the game when they stormed back and tied the game in the last minute of play and then broke the American’s hearts with an overtime goal claiming the Gold Medal for the fourth consecutive Olympic Games. What a feat!

            While the past two weeks of Olympic Winter Games watching have been a real distraction from Old Man Winter’s firm grip a little fun in the sun will be a more welcome change. And then combining the two for a few hours will double the fun.

             Last year we hoped that a late February break would shorten the winter considerably but, as luck, or more aptly-bad luck, would have it…winter lasted ‘til the middle of May! Yuck! There are some things we are hoping history repeats (Double Hockey Gold Medals) and, then again, there are some things (Old Man Winter’s strangling grip), that we hope will change. Only time will tell.


“Vacation is what you take when you can’t take what you’ve been taking any longer.” Anonymous.

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