Wednesday, September 10, 2014


           I waited and waited to see if there might be another loudmouth schnook among the 500+ mailboxes in Kipling representing approximately 1500 men, women and children who would, like this loudmouth schnook, take exception to the message delivered by the Kipling AND DISTRICT Health Foundation in the June 6th edition of The Citizen in the “It’s Rally Time” article. As no one else has come forward, at least not in this publication in the form of a Letter to the Editor, or anything, I will offer up my opinion and reaction to the article submitted by the KDHF. I am not speaking on behalf of any of the above residents cited but I am confident that I won’t be alone in the opinion I am sharing.
            First off, though, I would like to offer my congratulations and express my deepest gratitude to all of the current and former members of the Kipling and District Health Foundation for their hard work, dedication and commitment in their efforts to have a new integrated health care facility constructed in the Town of Kipling.
That said, as a resident of the Town of Kipling the wording and the tone of the “It’s Rally Time” article more than rankled my feathers a little. I take exception to the statement that singles out and defines “Community” as persons with a mail box at the Kipling Post Office. Where’s the AND DISTRICT in that? Is the Health Foundation’s definition of “Community” restricted to residents of the Town of Kipling and the closest two Rural Municipalities only? Was this the deal from the get-go? That the “Community’s” share of $7.1 million dollars was to come from the occupants of THIS post office address alone?
Listen to this: “Funding to complete the project has progressed well because of several generous contributions from a FEW individuals and a FEW corporate businesses. Unfortunately, the general local population and the local business interests have NOT been supportive to date”.
Excuse me? Have NOT been supportive to date? According to the Kipling and District Health Foundation’s statistics-to date the “Community” has raised $6.8 million dollars out of the $7.1 million dollar objective falling .042253521% short of that target. All of these funds have been raised by a FEW individuals and a FEW corporate citizens? Really? All of it?
If the KDHF is stating that “Community” individuals haven’t taken out their personal or business cheque-books and stroked a cash donation directly to the “Community’s” share of the fund say that but stating that, “the general local population and the local business interests have NOT been supportive to date” cannot be further from the truth.
Stroking a personal cheque may be their definition of support but it sure isn’t mine. How about the funds that have been raised through municipal taxes since 1998? Every taxable dwelling, office, store, service center etc. has contributed to this fund for over 15 years…no exceptions.
How about fund-raiser after fund-raiser after fund-raiser using local businesses’ discounted or free services and supplies and donations? Or the exorbitant, inflated amounts of money that so many businesses and residents spent on auction items time and time again to raise funds for the cause. Only a few? I think not.
How about the hundreds of hours of personal time that have been given as well? How many volunteer hours does it take to make it a worthwhile contribution? Not enough is the answer, I guess.
I am reminded of the spoiled child who stamps their feet and cries and cries because they didn’t get the tenth gift, all the while forgetting about the previous nine that are stacked around them!
            The KDHF comments in the article also insinuate that the Town of Kipling alone stands to reap the benefits of such a facility within the confines of its town limits. It says nothing about the mail boxes in other jurisdictions that receive a pay-cheque from the hospital, care home and medical clinic. How many other goods and services are supplied to this facility from vendors outside the “Community”? Who benefits from that? It’s safe to say that the residents of the Town of Kipling and its immediate area will benefit the most from the building of this new facility but they definitely won’t be the only ones.
            I do not expect a rebuttal or an apology. It’s too late anyhow. The damage is done. The insult delivered. Good thing guilting the “Community” members into contributing more personal funds wasn’t the marketing strategy from the start or there’d be no need for this article at all.
The cursory and obligatory “KDHF greatly appreciates the contributions made to date” at the end of the article does little to erase the earlier statement that “local population and business interests have not been supportive to date”. Which is it?
I have gone beyond being angry about the statements that were made despite what you’ve just read. I’m merely disappointed that despite the extent of the “Community’s” efforts, apparently, it will never be enough.
“An ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where they come from.”-Timothy Dexter ( 1748-1806)

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