Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey there folks! Been a little absent from this site for a while. My apologies. I will have to Google "Blog" to see what I am supposed to do here. Anyway, we were in Mexico for a week at the end of February/beginning of March and it was fantastic and then after that I just kinda laid around wishing I was on a Mexican vacation. It didn't help that we're one day away from Easter, a week after it officially turned Spring and it was still -24C with the wind chill this morning and there's still more snow around here than the last three winters combined. On the positive side, I've invested heavily in canoe manufacturers and trash pump companies in advance of the impending floods and that'll pay off as soon as, or IF, the temperatures get anywhere close to where they're supposed to be. So have a look at the last few articles I've thrown together and, yes, of course, there's some Mexico vacation stories but you'll have to look for them. Thanks for stoppin' by. Come back again real soon.

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