Wednesday, November 25, 2015


           A few weeks ago I was sitting in my favourite chair with my laptop, appropriately enough, in my lap and the Blue Jays' Playoff Game on the big screen, snacks and beverages lined up around me, with my smart phone in my hand to check on the TV announcers’ facts, you know, like all modern sports fanatics do, when an ad caught my eye between innings. Usually I don’t see many ads as I am quite deadly with the remote control flipping through the other channels during the commercial breaks and all but this time I didn’t have a hand free for the remote so I had to watch the whole ad. It was an ad for Crave TV. Hmmm... this looks interesting, I thought.

            So, while I'm watching the game I start Googling Crave TV, which is a Canadian pay television video on demand service, and investigating how we could sign up for the service because it’s looking pretty good. During the investigation I find out that you have to be either a Bell Satellite TV customer or subscribe to SaskTel Max Cable to be able to receive the service in Saskatchewan. By the way, CraveTV is owned by Bell Canada. We don’t have cable and Bell Canada isn’t our satellite provider.

            There are a lot of spare minutes during the watching of a nine-inning baseball game what with the batters taking forrrevverrrr between strikes and the numerous pitching changes and everything so without the risk of missing too much of the ball game I thought I’d give old Bell Canada a call just to see what they have to offer for satellite services and further check out this CraveTV.

            By the time I went through the pushbutton phone directions I finally got through to a human voice which seemed to belong to a fourteen year-old boy. Anyway, he announces that it’s my lucky day and he can provide this, that and the other thing for half of what we’re paying for our current services with CraveTV thrown in to boot. Installed! Excellent! I like it! Sign me up!

            He walks me through all of the information which included my name and physical home address, something fairly important to the delivery of their services, mind you, and he tells me we’d be receiving a confirmation email and the technicians would be out in about ten days to install the system. Sounds great. Back to the ballgame I go.

            I watched the rest of that game and another one, too, forgetting about the confirmation email until the following day. I opened it up and noticed that the Bell-boy/sales rep had mistakenly recorded my name and physical address wrong. They had me as a Mr. Terry Hubbard and our house street address where the Kipling Post Office currently sits. Terry is as good a name as any but it isn’t mine and we don’t live at 600 1st St. Again, information fairly important to the delivery of their services.

            I had to call back in to Bell to make the changes and after another forty minutes on the phone I get reassured that everything is a go and they corrected the name and address. A couple of days later I receive another phone call from Bell stating that the installation service is only provided in Ontario and Quebec. Really? Okay then. Whatever.

            However, upon reflection, I wasn't quite ready to give up just yet so I phoned a local Bell Store and the rep there assured me that Bell Canada does provide the installation service in Saskatchewan so she gave me a different phone number to call and I did that and after another forty-five minutes of runaround the rep on the phone assures me that we'll be getting our new Bell Canada satellite TV system as first arranged. Sounds good.

            The final straw in the whole Bell Canada fiasco came to an end a couple of days later when the last spokesperson that I would be talking to from Bell called to tell me that they don't even know what a Saskatchewan IS let alone find it to put in a TV system at 600 1st St in Kipling...THAT'S NOT MY ADDR....nevermind. I give up.

            All I ever wanted to do was buy Bell Canada's product. It should have been easy. It wasn't. Now, all I'm left to do is chalk it up as another one of life's curveballs thrown my way, forget about the wasted time and continue on with life sans Bell Canada Television.


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