Sunday, November 1, 2015


Here we are with another Labour Day weekend behind us and “normal” ahead of us. Another summer season having passed into the memory banks once again. Now it’s time to settle into the upcoming fall season as we harvest in the garden produce and get the canners and pickle jars out. Those of you with crop in the field I wish you all the best in your harvest efforts and may the weatherman be on your side.

He/She sure wasn’t very kind to us at all during the 2015 version of the Labour Day Long Weekend as it seems that a door was slammed shut on summer-like weather and the cool daylight shortened days door was opened to us far too quickly.

While doing a review of all of the activities that we have enjoyed this past summer and checking on the old ToDo List of Home Repairs show me that there seemed to have been a lot more fun activities than work related activities this past summer. I’m okay with that, though, but I am going to need a pretty fair long fall season to get caught up on my procrastinated handyman chores.

Speaking of the fall season we are constantly being reminded of the new upcoming television lineups as the networks are unveiling some new shows while bringing back some old favourites and rekindling bygone beauties like The Muppets. I love the Muppets and I can hardly wait to see what they are offering in this new version of the old show. We Baby Boomers are a nostalgic lot and we cannot get enough of the old stuff it seems.

Like most, I probably watch too much TV anyway but I’m kind of looking forward to the new fall television season, in between the Blue Jays and Rider games, of course. I’m not a big “Reality” show fan though, because none of it really seems real for me so I’ll stick to news, sports and weather for my reality check.

Speaking of reality I’ve got a couple of pet peeves when it comes to the networks’ efforts on making things “real”. Like using empty coffee cups all of the time and expecting the viewers to accept that they are actually filled with liquid. Why not just fill them with water or something so they don’t look totally fake? Hmmmm? Would it be that difficult? I know it’s television and it’s all fake but they could try a little harder to not assume everyone is a dumb-ass couldn’t they?

Same thing with the keyboard usage whenever there is computer work being done on a TV show. Why is it that everyone else in the world but a Hollywood character uses their mouse the majority of the time while they’re on their computer? Maybe I’m being a bit picky but it just irritates me to no end. Who does that? Clicking away at a keyboard like a madman when a couple of clicks of the mouse is what normal people would do. They seem to go out of their way to make all of the blood n guts and gory details of murdered bodies look as real as possible so why not all of the little details? Is that too much to ask?

As usual, we’ll be seeing some winners and some losers but for the most part the New Fall Lineup will give its intended entertainment value despite the flaws and I’m ready for it.

“Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn't have in your home.” David Frost (1939-2013).

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