Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Thoughts-28
December 9th, 2007

As we are fast approaching Christmas Day, the season known as "Happy Holidays" is into full swing. I was going to do the old whiny bit about all the glitz and commercialism, the lights, the decorations, the stresses, the excesses, the wife going all "Martha Stewarty" on the living room and such. But that's too easy!
I know it! I live it! I have been using it as my excuse to excuse myself from most of the participation in the preparations; if you know what I mean? I think my wife is getting a little bit sick of it, too!
"You know what? If you had done the lights when I said you should have, you wouldn't have frozen fingers, now, would you?", I seem to recall her saying in her best, "I told you so voice".
Psst, it really bugs me when she's right, and please, don't tell her I said that,okay?
So, I may Bah-Humbug my way into the season and get a little Scroogie at first, but soon I'm caught up in all the hype, too. The Christmas parties, the eggnog, the carols, the 37th time watching "It's a Wonderful Life", the shopping, (okay, not the shopping so much), but the eggnog and even the "Martha Stewarty" living room. Did I mention, the egg-nog? It's hard not to get caught up!
So yeah, many tend to overdo it a bit over the festive season, but what the heck? You only live once! As excessive and stressful as it can be it is also a great time of year for generosity and sharing. In general, people are happier, livlier and give more of themselves. Are there exceptions? Of course there are! There will always be exceptions. But in the end, sitting in the wrapping paper, smelling the turkey cooking and enjoying the company of family and friends, it will all have been worth it.
I am reminded of the e-mail story, floating around, about the frustrated mother, dragging her two cranky, tired kids through the mall feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of the season saying, "Whoever started this whole Christmas thing should be found, strung up and shot!" A gentleman overheard and responded, "Don't worry, we already crucified Him!"
"At Christmas, play and make good cheer, For Christmas comes but once a year."-Thomas Tusser

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