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Random Thoughts-41
September 3rd, 2008

So, how was your summer? Mine was pretty good. Thanks for asking. As usual, it went by way too fast, especially when Mother Nature decided to close the door on summer weather at 8:16 pm August 30th. Bang! There you go, that's it, we're done.
I much prefer to ease into the next season with a gradual decline of evening daylight and a slow procession of dropping temperatures. Unfortunately, I have absolutley no control over such things.
While most of the summer weather was very suitable for exterior home improvements, yardwork and outdoor recreational activities, the sudden stop has left too many items on my outdoor to-do list. Had I known that it would end so abruptly, I may have put off those extra golf rounds for a few more hours of fixing the roof. Ya, right, who am I kidding!
Thinking back, the time between buying new baseball cleats, for the early summer Twiliter tournament, and half-past August seemed to flash by in seconds. Now, it's almost quarter after September! Growing older seems to make time go by quicker, at least it does for me.
Although I haven't had to return to school in thirty-plus years I still get a queasy feeling when I hear those three unpleasant words..."Back to School." You see, I was never really all that excited about going back to school. Not that I was adverse to being taught or anything. Well, okay, that may have had a bit to do with it. And, contrary to what some of my teachers may remember, I almost enjoyed some of the stuff they were teaching. Anyway, I was just not happy that it signified that summer was officially over.
Gone are the days of t-shirts and cutoffs, flip-flops and swimming suits. Sure, we'll get a few more days of warm weather and sunshine, but fall is definitely in the air.
Just when you think you have a handle on the stupid slice in your driver, you start reading about the upcoming National Hockey League season beginning and how the junior hockey teams are already on the ice. It seems to me that we no longer let the seasons play out as they were intended. We are so anxious for the next thing to come along that we don't spend nearly enough time enjoying time in the present.
You can't buy a swimsuit in July unless it's on the clearence rack beside the winter coats. "Back to School" sales start earlier every year. Someone said they already have Halloween candy out! Seriously! Halloween candy?! C'mon.
There are no brakes on a time clock and I can lament the passing of summer all I want, but that's not very productive. Hopefully, there's enough time before the snow flies to tidy up a few more items off of my outdoor to-do list. Before we know it the cold winds will be blowing and the SaskEnergy bills will by sky-rocketing. Time to stop whining about the passing of summer and go get some wood cut for the fast approaching winter.
"There's no present. There's only the immediate future and the recent past."-George Carlin (1937-2008).

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