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Random Thoughts-45
November 9th, 2008

While trying to cram in some outdoor home improvements, before the impending Saskatchewan winter sets in, I was reminded of Tim Taylor.
You remember “Tim the Toolman Taylor” from TV’s Home Improvement show don’t you? Tim Allen played the stereotypical macho male thirsting for more power out of all of his power tools and appliances. Tim Taylor could never walk by a hardware store without the pull of the Power Tool section drawing him in.
I know a lot of guys that are like the Toolman and can’t wait for the weekend to arrive so they can spend some quality time in their workshop. Although I have had to be a handyman because I live in a house that is nearly one hundred years old, my handy work has been more out of necessity than the want and desire to purchase and use new power tools. I may have alluded to that fact, all too often, before in this column.
Now, apparently I am not the only male in this category. Guys, as a rule, probably won’t readily admit that they aren’t the macho power tool loving kinda guys; at least not to other guys. The recent formation of “The Ladies Without Baseboards Club”, started by a local plumber’s wife, (not mentioning any names, Susan), has provided the evidence that this is so.
The Club meets quite often at the molding section of the lumber yard to dream and sigh at the various styles and colours of baseboards that may or may not make it onto their walls. Engaged ladies and newlyweds are encouraged to attend so their home improvement expectations will be diminished; especially if they are engaged to or have just married a carpenter. Face it, there’s no way you’re gonna get much work done on the weekends after these guys have put in a saw-dust-eating week at somebody else’s house.
Now I shouldn’t assume that any of the above mentioned spouses have neglected the baseboard installations because they aren’t particularly fond of using power tools. There may be some very logical and rational reasons why they haven’t gotten around to that particular task. I have my own valid reasons, (some would say excuses), and I will leave it to them to justify theirs.
“The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.”- Robert Frost (1874-1963)

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